Sunday, 14 April 2013

Raw sushi - Saturday's 2nd menu

Raw sushi - Saturday's 2nd menu

  After the soup, a true delight, especially for me, fond of Asian flavors!
  My raw sushi required some technique but it was quick to prepare and it was very good.
  To prepare the sushi you need a bamboo mat, nori algae, soy sauce, cabbage, carrots and avocado.


nori algae
1 cup cabbage cut into julienne
1 cup grated carrot
½ avocado sprinkled with lemon drops

You may heat the nori sheet a little, if you want a more crunchy texture.
Place the nori on the bamboo mat and on top, in layers, place the cabbage, the carrot and the avocado. Wrap it with the bamboo mat and press well each time you roll. Straighten the edges so the filling does not come out and when all the algae is wrapped, cut into the desired size.
Serve it with soy sauce and edible flowers.

Bon appétit!

© veggie delicious food, April 2013

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