Monday, 19 January 2015

Tahini toasts with hemp and blueberries smoothie - a healthy snack

    The last days of 2014 are becoming increasingly distant but its memories   persist vivid in my mind. 
It is so good to break routine, to visit places that we don’t know or haven’t visit for a while, to find other environments, different rhythms and especially to taste other flavors...
  If on one hand all the pervasive atmosphere of the places where I was is clear in my memory with different flavors, on the other, it reinforced the desire to return to my kitchen and to my comfort food!
   Last weekend was spent in a kind of  "sleep mode", at home, listening to the rain and to some relaxing music. We had a wonderful leisure time, joking, telling stories around the table, and particularly tasting some appetizing food: I put together some of the ingredients I most appreciate: blueberries and tahini!
      Someone once told me that whoever gets lost for a good chocolate, also gets lost for a good portion of tahini ... I don’t know if you share the same opinion or not, but, for me, these two flavors are perfect! I confess that my days would be much more gray without chocolate and a good portion of tahini!
     Spreading a whole wheat bread with this sesame paste which has been seasoned with soy sauce and lemon, garnishing the bread with tomato slices and having a hemp and blueberries smoothie, is one way of finding irresistible arguments to enlarge the pleasure to stay at the table with the family and / or friends and forget time ...
Wanna try?


 ½ cup of shelled hemp seeds
1.75 l water
1 cup full of blueberries
3 dates


Whole wheat bread
3 tbsp tahini
1 tbsp soy sauce
4 tbsp water (the measure depends on the quality of tahin and on desired consistency)
1 tsp lemon juice
cherry tomatoes


Place the water and seeds in a blender and grind well.
Pass through a sieve cloth.
Wash the blueberries and add the milk. Put back into the blender, add the dates and process.


Wash and cut the tomatoes into slices.
Chop the chives.
Toast bread slices.
Mix the soy sauce with the tahini, add the lemon and gradually add the water  stirring constantly, until the desired consistency.
Spread the bread with tahini, garnish with lemon slices and sprinkle with chives.

Bon appétit!
© veggie delicious food, January 2014

Happy 2015!

  Last  December my blog project veggie delicious food completed its second year.
 These last two years have been overwhelming. I found several interesting blogs and I started to be more disciplined in the kitchen, taking notes of the recipes I cook – that was also one of the reasons this blog was born…

  The inspiration to create new recipes has been growing even more as I let myself flow by the inevitable influences of other blogs and other publications on healthy eating.

   The end of 2014 was marked by a short break in the blog, in order to relax and reflect a bit.

   This moment of pause, was also associated with a travel that broke the cycle of the last 12 years, in which the end-of-year was always celebrated at home. We prepared a surprise travel for our daughter and went to London to visit some relatives.

 Very cold days were waiting for us but they were fulfilled with warm hearts! It is so gratifying when people we like share our vibration. On our arrival there was a reservation for having the last dinner of the year at a restaurant that received a prize from the Vegetarian Society in 2010. In addition there was also a list of suggestions of interesting places to visit, where chocolate and "health stores" could not be forgotten.

  There was also time to review Camden Town and once again visit Inspiral – a vegan and raw restaurant which is highly recommended! -

Of course there was also time to buy some healthy products and books!
Aloe Vera Juice
Date Syrup and chocolate
Himalayan salt for special relaxing baths 
Aloe Vera vegan soap
Vegan cookbook by Isa Chandra

Now, with new energy, the blog is back ...
© veggie delicious food, January 2014