Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Seitan with peanut sauce and quinoa

  Using peanuts as an ingredient to a seitan dish may be a non-appealing suggestion, especially for those who have never tried seitan, but it is just to challenge those who have never tasted this gluten basis product ( a wheat protein), that I invite you to try this dish.
  Seitan can be purchased in natural food stores or it can be home prepared and with the advantage of being cheaper.
  To produce seitan either wheat flour can be used ( a process that takes time), or gluten flour (quick version). Talking about proteins, seitan is an excellent meat substitute and it is very versatile for cooking. You can roast it, bread it, use it for pies, soups, and much more, just use your imagination. When well seasoned, it gets a delicious taste.
  However, if you are gluten intolerant, choose another protein suitable for you.
  Today's recipe is another palate appeal. I hope so!
  It is the result of combining seitan with peanut sauce and red quinoa.
  Quinoa is the grain taken from a plant which is found in Columbia, Peru and Chile. It is also known as “the golg grain” and it was widely used by the Incas and the Aztecas who were well aware of its benefits. Quinoa is a very reach cereal and easy to digest. It is gluten-free, rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.
We can easily find two different varieties of these grains: white and red. Thereis also quinoa flour and flakes. You can use it in many dishes, such as cakes, pies, sauces, and even the most unpredictable ones!

(serves 4)

Measure 4 hands of quinoa and soaked it for 4 hours
200g seitan
100g lombard leaves cut into stips
100g carrots cut into strips
1 tbsp cocont oil
1 medium onion
3 garlic gloves
1 cup peanut powder and 3 tbsp grossely smahed peanut
2 cups mineral water
2 tbsp soy sauce
salt to taste
some lemon drops

Soak quinoa for 4 hours and then cook it in salted water for 30 min, medium heat. When the germ stars getting white and soft, drain, cover it and let it stand for 5 minute.

Steam the lombard leaves until soft and do the same with the carrots.
Chop the onion and sauté in the coconut oil. When it turs golden, add the garlic andd let it cook for 1 minute on medium heat, stirring constantly. Then add the seitan cut into thi strips.
Combine well and let it cook for 5 minutes. Season it with salt.

For the peanut sauce: place the water in a pan, season it with salt, let it boli and then add the peanut powder. Combine well and add the soy sauce and a few drops of lemon. When you get the consistency that you want, turn of the heat and pour the sauce over the seitan.
Sprinkle it with the smashed peanuts.

Serve it with radish and alfafa.

Bon appétit!

© veggie delicious food, March 2013

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